Khutbah Excerpt: Du’a Before Tasleem (Completing one’s prayer)

According to Abi Hurairah (RAA), Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said “When each one of you finishes the last tashahhud, seek refuge with Allah (SWT) from four things:  The Punishment of Hell Fire, The Punishment of The Grave, the Trial of the Anti-Christ, and The Trial of Life and Death.”


“Allahhumma inni ‘a’oouthu bika min ‘athaabi jahannam

wa ‘a’oouthu bika min ‘athaabi qabr

wa ‘a’oouthu bika min fitnati Maseehi Dajjal

wa, ‘a’oouthu bika min fitnati al-mahya wal-mamaat.”